Introduction to Measurement, Evaluation and Learning

Set the foundations to maximise your impact potential 

Begin your change journey by learning about the fundamental concepts and terminology of measurement, evaluation and learning.

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1 weeks
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Introduction to Measurement, Evaluation and Learning

Course Outcomes

Gain pivotal knowledge

Understand the foundations of Measurement, Evaluation & Learning (MEL).

Understand the potential of MEL

Articulate who uses this methodology and how it can help you to maximise impact.

Learn the philosophy behind the approach

Discover the principles that underpin this practice.

Explore the core pillars of MEL

Grasp the importance of a MEL plan and unlock the value of its 4 main components.

Put theory into action

See the application of MEL through a case study.
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The Complete guide to MEL

Your end-to-end journey

To help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) methodology and create a practical, ready-to-implement MEL plan, we recommend completing all four courses of the Complete Guide to MEL. Signing up for the Complete Guide to MEL package also gives you more than 20% off!

Our learners love us

This module is introductory. However, I felt like I learned so much from it. I just need to continue on and learn the specifics.
Alex mack

The course transformed me to a MEL astute person in less than a week.
sam boyd

With online model of delivery, your delivery so far is far more than I expected
jan low

Frequently asked questions

Why learn with Clear Horizon?

For nearly two decades, we have worked with changemakers across some of the world’s best-known NFPs, NGOs, and social enterprises, such as The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Menzies Foundation, Care, and Oxfam Australia, to name a few.

We are dedicated to empowering changemakers from projects of all sizes by equipping them with practical and rigorously tested methods and knowledge. Our Complete Guide to MEL course is built on our extensive experience and is the very best place for beginner and intermediate learners to understand how the right framework, data, and approach can make all the difference in their impact work.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Social change leaders.
  • Government and philanthropic funding managers.
  • Changemakers looking to grow their skillsets.
  • M&E professionals ready to incorporate learning into their evaluation practice.
  • Aspiring and seasoned project evaluators.

How do your online courses work?

Each of our courses offer quality multimedia content delivered via our learning platform that can be completed anytime from any device wherever you may be. As part of offering a personalised learning experience, we have integrated a one-hour live virtual session per module. It is not a requirement to attend as we know it can be difficult to balance work/life/study, however we do encourage attendance. But don’t stress if you can’t make it, as we post recordings of the session afterwards. We also offer moderated forums encouraging learners to share their experiences and hear more from our mentors. Feedback from learners is that they have enjoyed interacting during these sessions and watch them if they can’t be in attendance. The virtual sessions are held during office hours (Australian Eastern Standard time).

How do I deepen my MEL learning?

Our Complete Guide to Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) includes all 4 courses in our MEL training. We love for our learners to participate in all courses to benefit from the full MEL experience. But if you’re only looking to brush up on specific skills or areas, we’ve designed each course to also be valuable as a stand-alone.

How will personalised coaching benefit my learning?

Opting for the standard or premium package secures one-to-one time with Lee-Anne Molony, Partner and Director at Clear Horizon. This time is devoted to tackling the questions you have in applying your learning to your specific context and making sure your coursework sets you up for success.

What's the difference between MEL and M&E?

What is the difference between MEL and M&E?​At Clear Horizon, we've adopted Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) as an alternative to the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) approach. ​

‘Measurement’ replaces ‘Monitoring’ because we think it’s more active and it emphasises that we regularly use this data to draw out insights and learn. Which is where ‘Learning’ comes in; we believe adaptive learning should be a core element of a balanced MEL approach so you can really drive your impact.​

MEL ensures accountability and transparency while enabling changemakers to adapt and learn from their work. Our MEL training provides an excellent foundation for M&E practice and will enable you to bring more to the table when it comes to learning and adapting.

What is Theory of Change and a MEL plan?

A Theory of Change is a description and illustration of how and why a desired change is expected to happen in a program or project. It really helps you think about how you will achieve your goals and what interim results might be. On the other hand, a Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) plan is a framework that has a strong learning focus. It helps you to track, learn, and adapt your work to acheive your goals. MEL is designed to serve the needs of change-makers by enabling them to rapidly identify what's not working and adapt.

When does the virtual session run?

The virtual sessions for this course run on Thursday afternoons between 2:00-3:15pm AEST/AEDT. Sessions run on the following dates:

Introduction to MEL
1 August 2024


Meet our team

Jess Dart
Course Author
Chief Evaluator, Founder 
Inventor of practical methodologies and a highly sought-after facilitator, Jess navigates complexity with comfort and helps her clients to clarify their desired outcomes and how to get there.Jess has over 25 years’ experience in evaluating and designing social change initiatives in Australia and overseas. She is passionate about developing real-world evaluation and strategy for social justice and sustainability. In particular, she works with systems change interventions, large-scale strategy and social innovation.
Beth Hanson
Lead Mentor
Principal Consultant
Bethany (or Beth) Hanson is a Principal Consultant in the Sustainable Futures team. Bethany loves to take a practical approach so clients can engage with evaluation regardless of their background or experience. She gains great satisfaction from empowering clients by building their own evaluation capability to improve the design and delivery of their programs while gaining insights into what is and isn’t working, and why.
Jessica Suares
Support Mentor
Jessica Suares is a Consultant in Clear Horizon’s Social Impact team. She has extensive background in data analysis, visual analytics, and creating cultures where people want to be more data-savvy. Combined with her studies in qualitative research methods and anthropology, Jessica has a well-rounded approach to evaluation problems.Jessica’s passion is supporting organisations that create positive social change to be even more effective at achieving their goals.
Introduction to Measurement, Evaluation and Learning

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