Clear Horizon is a world-class, values-based company that provides courses, coaching, and digital solutions for change-makers worldwide. Our passion is to create more impact for people, place and planet and our commitment is to build MEL capability through our short courses and resources. Don’t know where to begin? We’re here to help! 

Reasons to learn with Clear Horizon Academy

Career Growth

Our range of social impact courses offers you an excellent opportunity to advance your career and provide you with skills you can apply directly to your work.  

Learn from experts

With over 18 years of experience in designing and delivering hundreds of public and in-house training courses, you can rest assured that you’re learning from experts in the field. 

Trusted learning providers

We deliver learning support to all levels of government, local and international NGOs and community organisations. From beginner to expert, sole change maker to governmental branch, we can help

Real world examples

Our subject matter experts are MEL practitioners who bring real-world examples into the learning experience. 

Learner centered design

We have an in-house team of learning designers, graphic designers and LMS experts who are continuously looking for ways to improve our courses, materials, and overall offerings. 

Engaging materials

We create learning materials that are authentic, enjoyable, accessible and experiential to improve your learning experience with us.  

We are trusted by learners around the globe


Community Members

Net Promoter Score

This is such a great course. I'm learning so much and it's the sort of stuff I need in my career.
The course was very versatile and engaging.
I feel equipped to lead an MSC process, including training others.
I have learnt theory, better understand my role and have a toolkit to apply to the workplace.

Meet the Academy Team

Tanya Vladic

Tanya has a background in learning strategy, design and facilitation. Working across a variety of industries, in domestic and international companies, Tanya has led the design and implementation of learning strategies and shifted the learning culture by leveraging Learning and Performance Eco-system thinking. 

Tanya focuses on innovative learning experiences and using technology within the learning environment. She has implemented and enhanced Learning Management Systems. To reduce face-to-face learning time, and increase the learning experience, Tanya has developed mobile-based gamification and media learning content and used corporate social platforms.

Kirsty Macafee

Kirsty has a background in learning strategy, design and facilitation. She is skilled in developing, designing and delivering courses through innovative digital solutions and is dedicated to supporting learners to succeed.

Kirsty is a curious and creative thinker, problem solver and learner who is passionate about creating accessible and engaging learning experiences. She has held both teaching and instructional design positions, and as a current practicing artist, she brings a unique view to her instructional design and learning practice